GOJO foam soap dispenser

Most of us do not even think while using the soap that how much amount we are using especially in the case of the liquid soap and often times we end up using so much more than needed and quickly runs out of it and then realize that what is we can do to reduce the usage, this problem was solved with the introduction of the foaming soap and the idea behind it was similar. Although this is similar to the liquid soap but the foaming soap uses much less amount of the soap and this is why it is considered very sustainable and cost effective and is one of the major reason why it is in use.

Do you need a special foam soap dispenser with the foaming soap?

The foaming does require the special gojo foam soap refill but it is one-time investment and once you have the good quality foam soap dispenser, you can refill it with the foaming soap whenever you run out of it.

Can you make your own foaming soap?

You can make your own foaming soap and there are number of ways to make it but in order to store it you need the GOJO foam soap dispenser or any foam soap dispenser and if you have one already then you could simply fill it with the one you prepared instead of buying the foaming soap from market.

What is the foam in the foaming soap?

The foam of the foaming soap is actually the air and this is usually added by the foam soap dispenser when the soap is coming out of it. If you look at the foaming soap dispenser, then there you would see the soap and when you press it then you would see the foam soap coming out of it.

Is the regular soap better?

It is quite the opposite, the foaming soap is better because of not the effectiveness but because it saves the soap as well as water and effort. In natural regular soap you have to use more water to create the foam while the foaming soap does not need the excessive water as the foam is already made, you just press it, squeeze it in your hand, rub it without water and rinse it with the water and there you have clean hands with less water wastage and soap is also saved.

Best for commercial use:

This is one of the best soap for using commercially because of the huge number of people and this proves to be very cost effective in these settings. For more information visit our website: www.hygienehouse.co.nz