High-quality personalized phrases that truly reflect the style, personality and wedding of the bride’s couple are essential. No more stopping at the wedding invitation from Fast Printing! Every modern married couple seems to choose to make an entire ensemble of phrases in a personalized, inviting house. As weddings became more sophisticated, sophisticated stationery was needed.

You often start at the Invitation Participant stage and apply different styles later at the Style Save Card stage. Then we have a bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, wedding invitation, event program, place card and finally a ‘thank you card’. Couples maintain the consistency of their design by “inserting” personalized colours, themes or monograms at each stage. The adjustment does not affect board cards, menus or even notification cards. Couples are missing in the whole ensemble of wedding phrases.

1) Monogram:

Monograms are a common accent throughout the ensemble of custom stationery phrases. I’m not talking about the traditional half scroll capitals. These days, monograms are serious business. We are looking at adding names, original designs, mixed fonts and watermarks to the monogram pattern. As always, some rules still apply. Traditional invitations are always preferred to traditional monograms. But you can always add your inventive design to get interested. Modern custom invitations of NYC often require new interpretations of traditional monograms. If you think about it, it’s not a ‘radical’ evolution. Many women choose not to change their names anymore, so you can create more casual monogram designs by name. It provides an interesting alternative for today’s brethren.

2) Recurring

One of the most popular trends we are seeing is the seasonal influence on wedding stationery! Couples have a lot more fun emphasizing the natural seasonal colours and patterns in their invitations, depending on the season when the wedding begins. After all, weddings are no longer in summer. Autumn is now the most popular wedding season for the summer, and its past summer. But we are seeing more winter weddings too! At the end of the fall season orders, I saw almost all kinds of themes, from acorns, pine cones, leaves and branches to pumpkins included in the custom invitations ensemble. Remember, the motif doesn’t have to be big. The key is to get the most out of each printed text. In winter, seasonal accents such as snowflake seals, patterned water signs and cool colours appear. Seasonal stamps are the perfect way to incorporate seasons throughout your invited stationery ensemble and serve as a decorative creative flavour for other items.

3) Pocket Style

Pocket style invitations are very hot! They are popular for three main reasons. 1) Pocket invitations are aesthetically pleasing. It looks clean, neat and stylish. 2) After opening it, spell the end of ‘thick scatter’. 3) The couple’s stuff helps to cheer the heart while keeping guests organized. Much more content, including announcements, fixes RSVPs (and envelopes) and cards for reception, can be added to an invitation without making it look like last year’s tax records. On the day of the wedding, guests can easily search for all the details needed for the day’s event!